State and local authorities in Berbera and an ILO International Agency foundation paved road and animals do
February 15, 2016 - Written by admin
Berbera ( Local Government agencies and authorities in Berbera ILO today jointly laid the foundation stone for the construction of livestock export port.
These problems intensify its local community in Berbera, Burao Sheikh Village After release 
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Minister of State in the Ministry of Education county agencies Sahil and  International 
Labour Organization (ILO)mutual foundation stone street

Cabdihamed struggle Agencies ILO International Labour Organization, said the benefits of pavement has STICK statement also said that young people participating in job creation and overall Berbera Somaliland Socond a month or two is to benefit young unemployed Was
Executive Council Secretary Ali Adan objects He says height is up to 1 KM And Wide 8 Miters 
paved road is a good thing and official animals
Mayor Abdi Shakur Cidin also welcomes the construction of new livestock Thanks giving any 
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State Education Minister Mohamed Adan said statement is wealth, business and 
society And Animals When To Exporting In Berbera Port 
The state electoral district Berbera are very pleased with the start of construction of a new coastal town of Berbera and job creation for young people who made this point Action 
it will be a good way to practice effective and livestock sectors
there are also institutions participating in 
road building livestock
it will get better dust animals in trouble maintained community Berbera.

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