Somalia:Somaliland may return some of the arms consignment back to sudan
February 3, 2015 - Written by admin

BERBERA NEWS (Sahilnews)-Following a lengthy phone conversation between Sudanese government and Somaliland leader, the separatist region has decided sent back huge arms consignment back to Sudan.


Hubkii Saarnaa Markabka Mv. Shaakir


Cranes reloaded MV Shakir with the seized weapons shipment including battle tanks, artillery pieces and modern combat vehicles and one speed boat late on Monday night, two days after public display.

Sudan’s Al Bashir is said to have said that the heavy weaponry was bought from a market in United Arab Emirates to Somaliland President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud (Siilaanyo).

The controversial consignment prompted strong exchange between the breakaway region’s arch rival to the east, Puntland.

Somali media outlet garowe reported that ‘UN experts along with Ethiopian consular officials were refused entry into the port after a ship allegedly carrying weapons docked a few days ago.

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