Somalia: Puntland and UAE-based Company sign deal to expand Bossaso port
June 2, 2015 - Written by admin

Located in North-eastern Somalia on the Gulf of Aden coast, Bosaso is the third largest city in the country and it is the economic heart of Puntland State with a major seaport.

Very Close to the Gulf of Aden, it became an important commercial point of entry, and according to International organisations it has also served as a refuelling station for maritime transport between the Red Sea and Persian Gulf.

The Port of Bosaso does not only serves its residents but is also the main gateway for the other regions. Goods that are imported are transported to countries such as Ethiopia.

The town’s economy has grown rapidly since the start of civil war in the country and before it was regarded as a ‘‘remote’’ area by the former Military government. Only local traders and businessmen used the port to export goods to neighbouring Arab countries.

Last year, Bosaso became the first city in Somalia to establish relations with a city in the United States of America, Minneapolis.

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