Nigeria President Announce Easing of Some Lockdown Restrictions
April 28, 2020 - Written by editor

Nigeria’s president said the country will begin a gradual easing of lockdown restrictions to curtail the spread of the coronavirus in the capital, Lagos, Abuja and Ogun States May 4.
In a national broadcast late Monday, Muhammadu Buhari said he made the decision after reviewing the more than a four-week lockdown to allow the country’s economy to operate and still keep a steady response in containing the virus.
President Buhari said the new measures also include a mandatory use of face masks and a curfew from 8pm to 6am, with only essential travel allowed during the 10- hour period.
Buhari also said he is sending more health workers and equipment to northwest Kano State, where the lockdown will remain in place because of an increase in covid-19 cases.
Buhari also promises to hold security personnel accountable for human rights abuses during the lockdown.
Nigeria reported 1,273 cases of the coronavirus and 40

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