Leaders Of Opposition Parties Decry The Government’s Assaults On The Media.
January 29, 2015 - Written by admin

(SAXILNEWS)  UCID’S presidential candidate, Jamal Ali Hussein, recently lambasted Sillanyo’s government for its dirty politics toward the media which based on suppressing the independent press while at the same time establishing bogus media whose purpose is to praise the government and to discredit the opposition.
He gave as an example the government’s banning of the independent newspapers Haatuf, the Somaliland Times and Hubaal while at the same time the government lavishly spends taxpayer’s money to FINANCE newspapers like Somalilandtoday that insult opposition figures with impunity. Jamal Ali Hussein said this in an interview with Nasir Adan Mohamed of Daadmadheedhnews.
Similarly, commenting on the government’s antipathy to the press, the Speaker of Parliament who is also the Chairman of Wadani Party, Mr Abdirahman Irro, said in Berbera, that when the independent media tells the truth the government puts them in jail, and when the government media insult the opposition, the government rewards them by sending them on tours abroad.

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