Guray: A Day Will Come When Basha Awil Is A Wanted Criminal
January 29, 2015 - Written by admin

The third Chairman of UCID, Ali Yusuf (Ali Guray) sharply criticized the government for its behind the scene attempts to delay the elections. He also condemned the government’s gross corruption and its relentless attacks on the press.
Invoking the terrible consequences that could result from the actions of parasites who are feasting on the back of the public, he said there will come a day when Basha Awil (the president’s son-in-law) is wanted and will avoid coming to Somaliland in fear of the court cases against him for his extensive corruption and all the wealth he accumulated illegally.
Mr Ali Yusuf said this in an interview with Radio Hillaac that took place at UCID’s headquarters.

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