Ethiopian Finance Minister Visited Somaliland
July 23, 2020 - Written by editor

Hargeisa— yesterday, Ethiopian Finance Minister visited Somaliland’s capital unannounced carrying a message from his PM Abiy Ahmed. His secret trip to Hargeisa followed Cairo’s diplomats who too had visited Somaliland. Both meetings were off the camera and off mass media. However, speculations born out of the darkness.

Unconfirmed reports say Ethiopia in GERD dam row with Egypt fears the second may establish a military base in Somaliland threatening Ethiopian national security especially the dam itself.

Neither Ethiopia nor Egypt or Somaliland issued a press statement. Relationship between Somaliland and Ethiopia soured following the perception by Somaliland government that Abiy and Farmaajo are one of the same coin. Abiy urged President Muse Bihi to allow him and his unfailing friend President Farmaajo of Somalia to make a joint visit to Hargeisa but Somaliland president totally rejected the decision after he came under fire from Somaliland’s proponents ,  it sounded the death knell of Somaliland if it allowed to happen

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