The United Kingdom to Recognise Somaliland as an Independent Sovereign State
March 7, 2015 - Written by admin

Hargaysa (Saxil and Commonwealth Office
We hereby request HM Government recognise Somaliland’s (SL) independence for the following reasons;image
1. The union between the states was invalid because the treaty was not ratified.
2. The Somali state perpetrated human rights abuses, illegal detention, torture, disappearances, extra judicial executions, & genocide which created the entitlement of a people’s remedial right to self-determination under international law.
3. In a referendum 66% of eligible voters participated & 97% supported dissolution of the union.
4. SL satisfies the conditions of statehood & is entitled to the procedural right to self-determination.
5. SL has had 2 internationally observed presidential elections declared as free and fair.
6. On 7/7/10 PM David Cameron said “I welcome the peaceful & credible elections in SL, it’s an example of genuine democracy in an area of the world not noted for it”.
7. SL is stable but in a volatile region, recognition is the only way to safeguard that stability.
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