Somaliland:Hargeisa is a Beautiful City and Shines Modern Towns Horn Region watch +Pictures
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By:Mahamad Duale
Slnnews-Hargeisa is the largest city in Somaliland, Hargeisa is the capital Republic of Somaliland.

This is hargeisa capital Republic of somaliland photo by:yusuf Dahir international photography origin somaliland lives western countries
It was the colonial capital of the British Somaliland protectorate from 1941 to 1960, when it gained independence Republic of Somaliland and united with Italian Somaliland to form the Somali Republic.

Republic of Somaliland is not breaking away region of Somalia, as the international community see, instead Somaliland declared independence on 26/6/1960 from Britain and more than 30 countries recognizes as new an independent government.

Independent Republic of Somaliland united with Somalia (UN Trusteeship of Somalia) to form Somali Republic on 01/07/1960.
A delusional ideology of uniting all Somali-speaking ethnic groups, in horn of Africa, led to such unity due to a political enthusiasm. Somaliland is withdrawing from the above union with Somalia.

On 18th May 1991, the people of Somaliland announce rebirth of Republic of Somaliland, as an independent nation, which is not new as similar separation of nations took place between Pakistan and Bangladesh or Syria and Egypt.
Somaliland is withdrawing from failed state of Somalia, while Bangladesh retrieved from an active state Pakistan.

Hargeisa is located in a valley in the western in somaliland, The city is situated in a mountainous area, in an enclosed valley of the Galgodon (Ogo) highlands.
It sits at an elevation of 1,334 meters (4,377 ft) above sea level. This altitude gives Hargeisa and the surrounding area a milder climate than the Gulf of Aden coastal area, where the weather is typically hot.
The temperature ranges between 13 and 32 degrees Celsius (55 and 89 degrees Fahrenheit).

Hargeisa is largest town in somaliland Hargeisa estimates for 1.2million

Hargeisa is the financial hub to many entrepreneurial industries ranging from food processing, gem stonecutters, construction, retail business , import and export,and companies that process remittances from relatives abroad who send money,modern construction ongoing to the city that’s led for the region in the horn at this now.

Population in Hargeisa
Somaliland population estimates 4 million in latest estimates in United nation for population 40% lives in Hargeisa capital of somaliland for estimates 1.2Million live in Hargeisa capital Republic of somaliland.
Somaliland nation news today celebrates for our readers this latest photos and Vedio for Hargeisa capital Republic of somaliland ,photos we quote for international photographer Yusuf dahir origin in somaliland and lived for Western countries This photo shots contributed for developing to his country somaliland.
Look here yusuf dahir photography:Flickr Yusuf dahir somaliland photo
Watch below and rest somaliland capital photoes and clip vedio for hargeisa beauty thanks you conect every time somaliland nation news its your site , please contributed daily activity you contact with our emails (, and editor , thank you so much for your visit you welcome again)







Watch below side latest beauty vedios in hargeisa capital of somaliland

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